CMD 12/6/2 Main Drain

Picture of CMD 12/6/2 Main Drain
Picture of Collector Main Drain, 12/6/2
Collector Main Drain, 12/6/2
All of our main drains are sized for gravity flow at 1.5 ft/sec through the grate and 3 ft/sec through the pipe connected to the collector tank.
  • Rounded design enables contractor to square the grate to the pool walls, not the sump.
  • Slip by Slip or Slip by Thread couplings can be selected for ease of plubming and pressure testing. (please specify SxS or SxT at time of order)
  • 2” female adapter in the bottom for hydrostatic relief valve.
  • Each main drain has a sand grit finish to better mechanically bond to the concrete or gunite coating.
  • SKU: 42245